Lukas Veverka: Jazz

Beautiful use of live action elements in this promo from Czech Republic artist Lukas Veverka

Eric Lerner “[][][][]”

Eric Lerner‘s latest short, an unofficial music video for “Gong” by Sigur Rós

Autofuss 001: Katelyn

You may recall that we interviewed an internal motion design team at agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners that went by the name The Action Cats.… Read more

Gravity: Look What’s Inside

This mind-bending spot from Israeli studio Gravity has a campy, almost cartoonish quality that pumps heaps of fun into a technically challenging project. Some production… Read more

Wassup 08

Director Charles Stone nails this Obama-flavored reprise to his landmark Wassup campaign. VFX by MassMarket. Full credits here.

Guinness: Fridge Magnet

Solid live action directing and visual effects in this new Guinness advert, “Fridge Magnet” (Thanks, Seth Gantman!)

Kike Maillo for Manos de Topo

Two darkly humorous music videos directed by Kike Maillo for Spanish band Manos de Topo: “Es Feo” and “El Cartero”

Buck for Coke and James Bond

Using the classic title design work of Maurice Binder to guide them, Buck crafted this new Coke Zero tie-in to the forthcoming James Bond film,… Read more

PandaPanther for Pops

PandaPanther delivers a heaping spoonful of psychedlia in “Dragon Dreams” for Pops cereal

The Getty Center “Heads”

Sleeper Films’ Peter Martin directs “Heads” for The Getty Center, with vfx by Ring of Fire. Reminds me of this and this.

NTROPIC for Chevy

It took an innovative mind to set up a time lapse camera at the turn of the century and keep it running all these years… Read more

Eyeball: Project Earth

Eyeball recently posted some new work, including a svelt promo for the Discovery Channel’s “Project Earth.” The look of the spot is a welcome departure… Read more