Michael Stevenson: Pigeon Pilfer

Excellent claymation fun in “Pigeon Pilfer,” the senior film of San Francisco State University student Michael Stevenson. (Via Drawn)

Kansas City Art Institute: Dried Up

Lovely, desolate ambiance in “Dried Up,” a short film from Kansas City Art Institute students Jeremy Casper, Stuart Bury and Isaiah Powers.

Sarah Laufer: Teleachat

Supinfocom student Sarah Laufer created this whimsical one-minute animation as an exercise during her first year. It pops with personality and shows off Sarah’s fine… Read more

Bang-yao Liu: Deadline

SCAD student Bang-yao Liu animates this clever senior project with Post-Its and lots of patience

Mathieu Gerard: Steel Life

For his master thesis at Arts et Technologies de l’Image, Mathieu Gérard created “Steel Life,” a breathtaking tapestry of textures and light that evokes themes… Read more

Pazit Harnoy-Cohen: “Thoughts”

For Pazit Harnoy-Cohen’s final project at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel, she created “Thoughts,” a stream-of-consciousness daydream worked out in mixed media. Reminiscent… Read more


Command+Z, produced by motion design students at Art Center College of Design

Michael Glen: Latte?

For Michael Glen’s final project in animation and interactive media at RMIT University Australia, he developed a unique and quirky look for his short film,… Read more