Pazit Harnoy-Cohen: “Thoughts”

For Pazit Harnoy-Cohen’s final project at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel, she created “Thoughts,” a stream-of-consciousness daydream worked out in mixed media.

Reminiscent of Johnny Kelly’s “Procrastination” or some of Michel Gondry’s stop-action animation, “Thoughts” looks at the world through a child’s eyes, a world where objects take on lives of their own, ponderings meander pleasantly, and vegetables engage in civil war.

The film is cut into three distinct parts, and while I like the semi-narrative structure of the middle, I think Harnoy-Cohen’s at her most charming when she’s stop-action animating, as in the first and third parts of the film. It’ll be fun to keep our eye on her as she builds her career. Good luck, Pazit!

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This is a lovely piece. Very nice movement in the clay section and the soft sculptures in the last section look great. Well done!

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