Liron Kroll: “How much of a woman”

[This project might be deemed not safe for work for some of you, so proceed with caution. Also, if the QuickTime above is slow, try the Vimeo version.]

For the final project in her communication arts degree at the Holon institute of Technology (HIT) Israel, Liron Kroll put some serious miles on her home scanner, creating hundreds of impressions of the female body, which she then mixed with typography and animation to make “How much of a woman.”

In her words:

“How much of a woman” is a short animation clip that deals with the minimizing of the abstract and subjective term “femininity” into statistics. My motivation was to empathize the burden and limitations of the modern concept of femininity through the concrete out come of numbers.

Liron currently works at Reshet TV station, Channel 2. She can be reached at

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Paul Ducco

It’s a nice piece. But that (post)-rationalisation is … wack.


A truly beautiful piece. I was really moved by it.

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