Black Thinking: “The Fly and the Eye”

For Black Thinking, Cisma (Denis Kamioka) directed “The Fly and the Eye,” a comically surreal short that’s equal parts Hitchcock and Alice in Wonderland.

As a web-only project, Cisma was able to play with the bounds of the video frame to his heart’s content, giving him ample room for some grin-worthy gags. The making of video gives you a glimpse into some of the trickery involved. Looks like it was a fun shoot.

Cisma is repped in Europe by Boolab and in the USA and Canada by Blacklist.

UPDATE: We got the full story on this project from Boolab. This video is only one of five films that will be featured on the Black Thinking website. The second film, directed by Nico Casavecchia, will be posted on Motionographer soon; the other three films will be released by the end of the year.

[Credits have been removed at the agency’s request]