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Dvein has consistently blown my mind with their diverse and staggeringly awesome body of work. When they agreed to create the title sequence for F5, I actually felt bad for them. I thought, “This is too much pressure. The expectations are too high.”

But that didn’t deter them. Not one bit.

I recommend going full screen for the optimal experience. QuickTime version here.

Dvein were intent on creating a title sequence that reflected F5’s speakers, something that captured some hidden aspect of each person. They explain their approach:

When we were invited to make the F5 titles, we wanted them match the eclectic spirit of the conference. The idea was to get the soul of the speakers into the titles in some way.

We asked each speaker to name five objects that inspire them or has something to do with their work. We received all kinds of answers—really interesting objects that gave us a great starting point: wind turbines, microscopes, lights, smoke, lamb rib cage, French bulldog…

The speakers didn’t know what their answers would be used for, but they were the seed for our story. In this way, all the speakers added their bit. There is not a unique authorship but rather a multiple collaboration.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I have to send my deepest gratitude to the entire Dvein team for creating such a wonderful title sequence. Again, there was zero budget. They did this because they love challenging themselves, and they believed in the vision of F5.

Antfood deserves big props for providing the music and sound design. Like the visuals, the soundtrack is a brilliant blend of analog and digital.

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This is great stufff! massively beautiful, specially the second half.

Can we have a Quicktime version? :)


Wow this is fantastic! Beautiful…

I agree can we get a quicktime version :D


That gave me a semi-on.


mmmmmmmmmmme too!


Yay!!! thanx for the glorious QT!!!


I heart Dvein.


awesome WTF-FX!

john black

props to all involved!


Just a WOW….


I’ll prob. get some heat for this comment, but where this is beautiful to watch in terms of how its shot/rendered, Im not following how it ties into anything or anyone from an idea stand point. Even if abstract in intention it seemed a little all over the place but executed well.

Charles Lee

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t F5 all about “Inspiration”?? Have another read of the write up above. Ties in with each speaker pretty damn well I’d say. Obviously we don’t know the answers each person gave, but if Dvein did what they said, then its pretty straight forward of a concept or as they called it a multiple collaboration.

Amazing work!


ha reasonable point but what happened to the work speaking for itself?


I get where you’re coming from. However, by nature titles are not linear narrative pieces. They are visual/visceral supplements to what they precede. Films speak for themselves — not necessarily titles.

The speakers were asked to pick inspirational objects. As a prequel to the talks, these images were loose teases to what the talks might divulge. The ambiguity in these objects makes the viewer want to see the talks and maybe find out a bit more the person/people that the objects represented.


if thats the case then its completely out of context to watch this in any other scenario but before seeing the speakers speak then? I think what I am reacting to is other titles they have done where they kept the medium somewhat the same to keep it cohesive while still abstract and elegant. Just preference i suppose



great job as always!


DVEIN never disapoints!


Forgive me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these titles meant for the audience? And as a member of the audience I am obviously not aware of any backstory – i.e. things that inspire the speakers. So all I can do is appreciate the visual beauty (10/10 for that), without much meaning attached to the whole experience.


wow!! they are the fucking chief! Congratulations!

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