Previsualization Society Launches

The Previsualization Society is a new organization, formed in September 2009 that is “dedicated to advancing previsualization (“previs”) in feature film, games, commercials and architecture.” They’ve just announced a new website and a Call For Membership as part of their initiatives to expand their membership. Over 300 charter members include members in the fields of film, television, commercials, games, visualization and architecture. Colin Green, President; Brian J. Pohl, Secretary and Daniel Gregoire, Treasurer, have been named as 2010 Previsualization Society officers.

About the Previsualization Society
Formed in 2009, the Previsualization Society is a permanent non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and development of previsualization, or “previs,” for all who participate in or benefit from the previs process. Members of the Previsualization Society are engaged with the production or use of previs around the world within such fields as feature film, television, commercials, games, visualization and architecture. Through a community that is as collaborative and interdisciplinary as previs itself, the Previsualization Society promotes effective applications, standards and practices, education and practical knowledge exchange and takes a leadership role in developing and articulating the capabilities of an evolving medium that is playing an integral role in how content is made. For additional information, please visit