Smithson v. Oeffinger Layer Tennis Recap

Last week Daniel Oeffinger and Matt Smithson played a slo-mograph match of Layer Tennis. Their match was done over the course of 5 days, with 2 rounds being posted each afternoon. Each night they designed their scenes in Photoshop and Illustrator and animated them in After Effects. The final film clocks in at over 4 minutes – full of original animation that they both produced completely on their own! Impressive, hilarious and a little crazy. We absolutely love it.

We caught up with them after the match wrapped up to find out more.

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this is really bad. i can’t imagine why you think anyone should see this. the whole aesthetics is poor and so is the concept or level of experimentation.

Justin Cone

Given the constraints of the competition, it’s pretty amazing. Did you actually read the post, Paul?

Greg Herman

Amazing and hysterical. I seriously was laughing my ass off at those volleys.
Hats off guys, that is my fav. layer tennis match to date.


Great Job Guys, I can’t wait for the Jerry Bruckheimer version – but how would he get it even more epic I wonder…


Oh, hell yes! This is hilarious!! You guys are kind of nuts, huh?


Cool, I think you did a good job! thank you for sharing

Lilian Darmono

This is one of the funniest things i’ve watched in a long long while. WELL DONE!!!!

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