DEmark 2015 Opening Titles

Nord Collective’s quirky titles for the DEmark 2015 titles feature a literal interpretation of the event’s theme, “Touch of Design.” Combining a custom tailored typeface… Read more

Cut&Paste Boston Winner

Stu Chudy (of Optic Sugar) won 1st place and the audience favorite awards in motion design at Cut&Paste Boston with this addictive gem

Cut&Paste: LA 2009 Winners

The winners from Cut&Paste’s Los Angeles competition are up. Next up: San Francisco this Saturday!

Cut&Paste World Tour Launches in LA

Cut&Paste’s global tour, comprised of 16 cities and 256 competitors, gets underway this Saturday, February 21st in Los Angeles. As I’ve mentioned before, Cut&Paste has… Read more

Omega Code Fan Art

The Omega Code project is now open to all. Submit your design to get published.

CGSphere relaunches

CGSphere has relaunched. Behold its dazzling array of orbs!

Cut&Paste: Call for Competitors

Given enough time, everyone can achieve some level of greatness. But what if the clock is running and you’re neck-and-neck with a pack of hungry… Read more