Who Killed The Music? by Sebastian Lange

Who Killed The Music? by Sebastian Lange




“We all listen to music on phones” …. wait what? Is this an iPhone ad? Is he talking about ring tones?

It sounds like a whole bunch of forced metaphors for the sake of sounding philosophical.

Who killed the music? I believe it’s artists like the Black Eyed Peas selling us non-sensical, content-less, over-produced for the masses songs like My Humps.


Have to agree. How is someone from the Black Eyed Peas making a documentary like this?


I won’t go into discussing Will.I.Am’s involvement in this documentary, so I can only praise Mr. Lange’s visual style as it provides a most pleasant experience.


May I propose this short sequence, extract of a documentary called West Coast Theory

, in which Will I Am expose his view more cleary…
check this video I’ve specially uploaded for the occasion :

And by the way, I personnaly don’t think anybody killed the music…


Totally agree with Damir’s post..

I think the work is really good though.

And personally, the only time I listen to music on “phones” is when the cue button is pressed.

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