Gretel: IFC Rebrand

We dive deep with Gretel's Ryan Moore into the process behind the IFC rebrand.


Made by Ariel Costa (blinkmybrain) and with sound by Marcelo Baldin (combustion) ALPHABETIC is a beautiful romance between type and animation.

Prologue: Rango

Prologue comes through again in the finely crafted end titles for ‘Rango’.

Make it Better

An insanely cool type animation by Climent Canal and Sebasti√°n Baptista. Thanks for the heads up Chris!

Prologue for Robin Hood

Prologue’s treatment for Robin Hood is a study in patient analogue work. Ridley Scott called on the studio create Legends to open the film as… Read more

Marco Ammannati updates

Marco Ammannati updates his work, including this wonderful graphic rebrand for Q.