PC and Mac, and Avatar

Hillarious little spot from Microsoft: this time, Mac is the goofy-sounding one. Directed/produced/edited by Keith Rivers, written by Keith Rivers & Steve Stockman, stop-mo animation by Chris Rodgers

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Nice animation, but kind of a weak sales pitch from MS ;)


I agree with mkultra. Why do you need a blue ray player when you can just download HD movies. Microsoft once again proves their thinking is 2 years behind.


Ted617: You’re on a motion graphics/visual effects site, and you’re actually suggesting that downloaded movies from itunes even begin to compare to full quality 1080p bluray?

That’s pretty much like saying “why would I bother using these grado PS1000 headphones when i could just use these 50c earbuds I got last time I was on a flight?”


I’m willing to bet this whole thing was put together on a mac…


Eh?? Hillarious [sic]????
Sure, I may have watched this first thing on Monday morning… but by sense of humor isn’t that off. This one barely got a chuckle out of me.
Lilian, me thinks you definitely over-sold this one


Bluray? Thats everything?

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