The Future

Witness THE FUTURE – by Alex Goddard

PC and Mac, and Avatar

Hillarious little spot from Microsoft: this time, Mac is the goofy-sounding one.┬áDirected/produced/edited by Keith Rivers, written by Keith Rivers &┬áSteve Stockman, stop-mo animation by Chris… Read more

Nathan Love: “NBC Peacock”

Nathan Love is up to its old tricks, yet again, in NBC Peacock. In collaboration with NBC Artworks, the studio has created an animated station… Read more

Greatest Movie Mistakes on BBC three

Those of you in the UK, Dont miss this here! Continuity error nerdism For-The-Win. Warning: don’t do this at work. Very counter-productive.

AE crash reports

This stuff got us all at HQ laughing for hours… Nerdvana! Thanks for the tip, Joey Beason!