Réka Bucsi: Symphony no. 42

Réka Bucsi's Symphony no. 42 is an illustrated encyclopedia of surrealist black comedy. Think David O'Reilly with a softer side. Watching it feels like a… Read more

Vh1 Classic: Metal Headzzz!

Created by Aaron Stewart with Tim Harrington, Metal Headzzz is a comedy short series animated by Mixtape Club with music and sound design from Huma… Read more

A Fox Tale

“A Fox Tale” is an epically comic battle over a foxy goddess created by four Supinfocom Arles students in 2011. Official website.

The Walking Dead Alternate Intro

Created by Timmy Lunsford Were filing this quickie under “Avant Garde”  with hopes that you might get a laugh on this fine Wednesday.  

PC and Mac, and Avatar

Hillarious little spot from Microsoft: this time, Mac is the goofy-sounding one. Directed/produced/edited by Keith Rivers, written by Keith Rivers & Steve Stockman, stop-mo animation by Chris… Read more

Sketchy Duel

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, as this funny animation from Rough Cut shows!

Red Medusa for Hrusteam Snacks

Now, a quick return to the lo-fi, funny, flash animation genre, Red Medusa made these 40 spots for Hrusteam snacks, a brand that’s apparently owned… Read more

Greatest Movie Mistakes on BBC three

Those of you in the UK, Dont miss this here! Continuity error nerdism For-The-Win. Warning: don’t do this at work. Very counter-productive.

Tim & Eric for old Spice

Old Spice and Wieden+Kennedy continue to display their willingness to push comedy in advertising with this new set of Old Spice ads. This time utilizing… Read more

MTV Movie Award Leftovers

Created for (and rejected by) MTV Movie Awards. This slice of genius was made by LA duo Fatal Farm (who also animated the recent Major… Read more