SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening

SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening, Thursday May 3rd at 7pm!

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Tyquane Wright

I am a student at New York University. I love motiongraphics.


Josh Spool

I hope the student work is better than that…

Andy Cheung

As an intro for a school presentation, that was pretty nice. It’s not budgeted, just something the faculty or maybe students and alumni put together probably for fun. It’s not really supposed to serve any other purpose.

Andrei Dan

First off… it’s student work, does not need to be polished. Does not need to look like everything mainstream. The raw factor is what is appealing about student work. 
Second, the intro is usually done by 1 student, who does this on the side while still working on their portfolio and other classes/finals. They do not get a break to work on this… I dunno about you but my senior year during portfolios was insane. Between that and my job, I never slept. Throw in a side project like this… Impossible. On a side note, for what it was, I think it was well done. 

Josh Spool

I hear what you’re saying. Valid points. I Graduated from SVA. Senior year is hell, As a student. But it’s no crazier than an average day on the job in the real world. And with what’s available visually as reference today, and the resources available to students (which are many) I guess I hold student work to a higher standard. having seen better examples presented here and at other institutions. Call me critical, It’s just my opinion. 


 Haha. Dude, i’d be scared of my job if I were you.

Josh Spool

That’s intelligent. 


Just my opinion.

Josh Spool

 Hey! you found my website. Good for you.

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