Kaleb Lechowski: R’ha

“R’ha” ups the ante for solo writer/director/animators, proving that while the barrier to entry for solo animated filmmaking is lower than ever, expectations for production quality are rapidly rising.

Lechowski, 22, modeled most of the short’s assets in Blender and used Maya for shading, rigging, animation and most of the rendering (with Mental Ray). He leaned on zBrush for sculpting and Nuke and AfterEffects for compositing. Lechowski created “R’ha” during his first year studies at Germany’s Berlin Mediadesign Hochschule.

Sound by Hartmut Zeller, voice acting by Dave Masterson.

Thanks to Thane for the tip!


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Pretty darn amazing for 7 months work. I wonder how much he slept?

Nick Oh

A lot, during rendering, i guess…


wow, 22 years old in his 1st year, that’s pretty impressive. He must have had a good technical working knowledge of teh software before though.

still, very very impressive work!


It’s an awesome looking short. It looks a little too good. I don’t know how he managed to do this in 7 months. That part is hard to believe. This looks more like a team effort. The modeling alone would have taken months, then to get realistic looking animation would be at least as long to model.


I think he did do it… he started 3D when he was 12 (!) judging from his FAQ’s


Not having to animate a mouth on any of the characters makes things alot easier.

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