Semi-Permanent 2015 Opening Titles

Raoul Marks (a frequent collaborator with Patrick Clair at Elastic), directed a goosebump-inducing title sequence for Semi-Permanent 2015. 

In Marks’ words:

A surreal trip. An allegory for the creative process and growth of an individual. From birth, to individuation, to criticality and finally to finding ones own creative space. Or, if preferred, just some fun times floating through the void.

Marks also composed the sequence’s music and sound design. Watching him working in Cinema4D in the making of video above, it’s clear he is a man of many talents.


Designed and Produced by Raoul Marks
Supported by Maxon

Iceland photography by Jake Sergeant
Additional artwork by Stanley Donwood & Noah Taylor
Music and SFX arranged by Raoul Marks

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The man is a genius, and a nice one to boot.
Props Raoul.


Does anyone know what render engine was used?


looks like octane


maybe its unavoidable but i got a strong jeremy geddes vibe from the first half..

Richie Costa

yeah.. I like it but there’s too much jeremy geddes.. even the building is there

paul donnellon

beautiful film making , amazing care and craft , brilliant.


jeremy geddes was the obvious source of inspiration here.

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