Colin Hesterly directs Škoda “Tour De France”

Director Colin Hesterly crafted a charming hand-drawn tale of Škoda inspired by vintage automobile advertising and the Czech car manufacturer’s own 120 year history.

Not To Scale NY and director Colin Hesterly team up with creative agency Fallon Prague to pay homage to the third biggest sporting event in the world Tour De France, and their proud longstanding sponsors Skoda.

This 2D animated spot, which airs throughout Tour De France 2015, celebrates Skoda’s rich history and commitment to cycling and the special relationship the car brand has with the bicycle.

Making Škoda “Tour De France”

skoda_0005_Layer 1
skoda_0004_Layer 2
skoda_0003_Layer 3
skoda_0002_Layer 4
skoda_0000_Layer 6