“The Chamber” a short film by GMUNK


The incomparable GMUNK released his latest sci-fi short film “The Chamber,” which is part of Samsung’s “Connected” series, along with a very detailed breakdown of the entire project’s process.

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Brian is a designer, drawer, director, and dad based in the perpetually weird city of Austin, Texas.


Agim Molla

Nice visuals, story need work!

Jaime Gastélum

Really?… what is this all about!… 60% are eye´s closeups… dahh!… so boried! with all the knowledge and tools… this is the best you can do?… pff!… need to be creative!


Sigh… unfortunately I will never get that 3 minutes back. Yes, I f-fwd’d through it when it became obvious that no story development was taking place.
On the bright side, this was shot well and the sound track and editing were good. Really, everything about the production was good. The thing that was lacking was any sense of story.


nice trip… very inspiring

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