DEmark 2015 Opening Titles

Nord Collective’s quirky titles for the DEmark 2015 titles feature a literal interpretation of the event’s theme, “Touch of Design.”

Combining a custom tailored typeface (designed by the wickedly talented Produce) with simple illustrations, Nord crafted several clever vignettes strung together by surprising transitions and a bold three-color palette.

The custom designed typeface uses the same dashed line motif as the illustrations.

The custom designed typeface by Produce uses the same dashed line motif as the illustrations.

DEmark 2015_0005_Layer 1
DEmark 2015_0004_Layer 2
DEmark 2015_0003_Layer 3
DEmark 2015_0002_Layer 4
DEmark 2015_0001_Layer 5
DEmark 2015_0000_Layer 6



Client: DEmark
Agency: Jenostze
Production: Nord Collective
Direction, Motion, Design: Vladimir Tomin, Alex Frukta
Music: The Cosmic Setter

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