Creature of Habit


Lovely new work from the Netherlands-based Ambassadors for ASN Bank. Be sure to check out the making of video below to get an inside look at how they combined miniatures, live action, and 3D to make this great piece of animation.

Making of


From the creator:

Have you ever given thought to the fact you’ve probably never switched banks in your entire life?

You’re not alone, and The Creature of Habit can be an example to all of us. In this new commercial, ASN Bank changes up the world of finance to show that money can indeed bring happiness.

Agency: Selmore
Agency Producer: Hanneke Kampschreur
Creatives: Diederick Hillenius, Poppe van Pelt

Directed by: Ambassadors
Executive Producer: Daphne Litjens
Editor: Oscar Marmelstein
Colorist: Koert van der Ploeg
DOP: Floris van der Lee
Set Designer: Gatze Zonneveld
VFX Supervisor: Stephen Pepper
VFX Artists: Jeremy Verf, Melissa van het Spijker, Sil Bulterman, Stephen Pepper
3D Supervisor: Will Jeffers
3D Artists: Hendrik Kramer, Jeroen Cloosterman, Jeroen Hoolmans, Jonathan Krijgsman, Nick Groeneveld, Ralph Meijer, Will Jeffers
Design & Animation Director: Vincent Lammers
Associate Design & Animation Director: Nick Groeneveld
Layout & Storyboard: Iris van den Akker, Nick Groeneveld, Vincent Lammers
Character Design: Iris van den Akker, Maureen van der Hout, Nick Groeneveld
Animation: Nick Groeneveld
2D Animation: Rink Hof
Sound Designer: Rens Pluijm
Composer: Sebastiaan Roestenburg

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I’d love to know the budget of these kind of 30 second adverts

Justin Cone

My guess (based on working on productions of a similar size and quality) would be between $150k-300k USD — unless the studio decided to take a steep loss for the good of their portfolio.


I haven’t used it yet, but is that Maya they’re using for the CG work?


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