Dirty Work Factory | Magalu + Deezer – Decifrei

Dirty Work

The animation starts out soft and sleek, textured to feel like something halfway in between a brushed-on painting and a risograph print. A young woman falls into bed and is sucked into another, musical universe. As she dances, taps, and shimmies through genres, we’re led along a universe of music, each shift highlighting a new instrument or piece of gear.

With fun colors and an imaginative, immersive interpretation of music, Shopping Inside Songs is a vibrant animatic film. Agency Ogilvy Brazil has curated a set of playlists launching inside of the Deezer app to help launch the Decifrei shopping experience. Dirty Work Factory produced the film, and Gustavo Leal and Faga Melo directed.


Executive Producer: Ito Andery, Hwira Gibin
Account Manager: Karima Ruhmann
Direction: Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo
Script: Luis Fernando Bellini
Production Coordinator: Jéssica Sales, Antonela Castro
Art Direction: Felms
Storyboard: Tony Soares Neto, Felms
Animatic: Tony Soares Neto
Illustrators: Ana Rocha, Thiago Baggins, Bernardo França, Bruno Guma, Ryan Smallman
Traditional 2D Animation Direction: Jefferson Lima
Traditional 2D Animation: Jefferson Lima, Marcelo Fahd, Mauricio Fahd, Rosinaldo Lages, Lucas Franci, Guilherme Klein, Gabriel Abreu, Raul Vanussi, Bruno Curcino, Raquel Tamashiro, Karine Rupenian, Lucas Batalha, Danila Ribeiro, Allan Pilon, Janaina Zanusso
Cut out Animation Direction: Caique Moretto
Motion/Compositing: Caique Moretto, Larissa Garcia, Fernando Jurado, Oito Olhos (Christopher Rocha), Oito Olhos (Pedro Fernandes), Bruno Ronzoni
Audio Production Company: Jamute
CEO: James Pinto
Production Coordinator: Julianna Zuppo, Leonardo Vieira
Musical Productor: James Pinto, Thiago Lester
Sound design/mix: Otavio Bertolo, Fernanda Galetti, Rafael Laurenti
VO (Portuguese): Juliana Costa
VO (English): Mariana Castello Branco