Media.Work | SPACE10 – Climate Stressors Visualizations


With design and research lab SPACE10, we developed a set of scenes about the global climate stressors that captured the essence of each phenomenon.

Concentrating on the realistic visualization of the processes and their development over time, we created three sets of animations and still images that showed wildfires, floods, and droughts. The materials were used to support the client’s different projects and articles relating to the crisis, these visuals will then be used to highlight the nature we all love and remember in a beautiful way.


Client: SPACE10
Creative Direction: Mitsuko Sato
Created by: Media.Work
Creative Direction: Igor Sordokhonov, Maxim Zhestkov
Art Direction, Design, Animation: Dmitriy Ponomarev, Denis Semenov, Tatyana Balyberdina, Ilya Dozhdikov
Sound: Artyom Markaryan
Writing: Anna Gulyaeva