Pause 2017 Opening Titles “Different Perspective”

Pause Fest

Behind the Scenes

From the creator:

This year's theme of Pause is "Different Perspective".

The whole idea was inspired by an anime called "Digimon Adventure", whose opening scenes show the different angle of a night city and digital creatures.
Therefore, we decide to focus on a different angle or perspective of empty cities, to express a feeling of isolation, despite the fact we live in these spaces.
The idea of using a cat for guidance is borrowed from an indie game called "HK", which will enhance the feeling of isolation between human and their environment.


Event : Pause
Producer/Designer : Zaoeyo
Music & Sound Design : Echoic Audio
Special Thanks : George Hedon, Somei Sun, Yan Liang, Yuan Wang, XiangDong Cao and Lewis Orton
Produced at BeautyofScience(Render Machine and resources support)

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Dan Lawrence

A truly beautiful video! Superb work, I love the use of light. May I ask which software was used for the animation and rendering?


Cinema 4D, arnold renderer, Here’s the making of:

Dan Lawrence

Thanks – interesting, it looks like Octane was used in the C4D workflow rather than Arnold, but I could be wrong :)

Justin Cone

Yep, Octane, not Arnold.


Beautiful! The camera angles, richness in texture & color, the music… Great work! Found the use of the cat very effective to follow along the narrative…even if a bit repetitive in some shots. Kudos!

Doug Spice

“The idea of using a cat for guidance is borrowed from an indie game called HK”

Hate to say it, but “borrowed” is a VERY generous word to use here.


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