Slack “Work, Simplified” (Director’s Cut)

Giant Ant

From the creator:

Man, all of this work stuff we do sure can be overwhelming! Good thing there's Slack. We worked with our good pals at Slack to show just how loco your work life is... and just how not loco it could feel. So get on board, would ya?


Client: Slack
Agency: Giant Ant
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Liam Hogan
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Art Direction & Illustration: Rafael Mayani
Additional Illustration: Jay Grandin
Storyboards: Shawn Hight
Character Animation Lead: Henrique Barone
Character Animation: Henrique Barone, Conor Whelan, Max Halley, Matt James, Jorge R Canedo
Character Clean Up: Rafael Mayani, Conor Whelan, Max Halley, Jay Grandin, Jorge R Canedo
Animation & Compositing Lead: Shawn Hight
Animation: Shawn Hight, Matt James, Max Halley, Conor Whelan
Music & SFX: Friendship Park

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my my, hasn’t character animation in motion design come a long way! Some beautiful touches there. Great design too, but that’s a given from Giant Ant.


i totally agree, i loved the arc the character does to cross his leg on top of the other at the end, and well many many more details like that one.


funnily, that’s the move I most remember. Unusual and very effective.


can this animation be done purely in after effects?


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