“There Again” [NSFW]

Vera Babida

Vera Babida’s “There Again” is a touching interpretation of dating in the modern age.

Swiping left and right, an endless parade of bland dates and, above all, persistent loneliness are captured and presented with a delicateness matched by the film’s charming soundtrack.

The project’s Tumblr page is definitely worth a click, it’s a comprehensive look at the process, including color studies, annotations, and even a Pinterest inspiration board.


“There Again” was created during Vera’s studies at the Edinburgh College of Art. Vera is currently based in Melbourne. She’s been recently nominated for the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award 2016.

From the creator:

'There Again' , a graduate film about modern dating, inspired by my own experiences, and the experiences of people around me, the film shows a young girl living in a repetitive cycle, in which she hopes to break.

Making of : http://makingofthereagain.tumblr.com/

Animator/Director: Vera Babida http://verababida.com
Composer : Athos Tsiopani http://athostsiopani.com/compositions/
Sound Designer : Lewis Jones
Cellist : Rosanna Hall
Colouring : Vera Babida/ Carwyn Leung/ Laura Hodkin/ Julia Chang/ Robert Duncan/ Thomas Fraser
Post Production : Vera Babida/ Toby Leung