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Drawing on her experience as a gay creative director, Macaela Vandermost’s new series, Untapped, looks at diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry.

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From the creator:

Diversity breeds innovation. And yet despite today's audiences being the most diverse ever in history, the advertising industry is still largely led by white men. We're talking to some of the most influential people in the design and advertising fields to see how we can make this right.

Macaela Vandermost is the Executive Creative Director of Newfangled Studios, in Boston, Massachusetts. This is her story.


Untapped is presented by Newfangled Studios. To find out more about us, visit http://www.newfangledstudios.com or contact macaela @ macaela@newfangledstudios.com
Creative Director/Writer - Macaela VanderMost
Art Director - Cory Fanjoy
Animator/Sound Designer- Fred Kennedy
Animator - Michael Bernard
Original score & Mix: Raul Rosa
Production: Jeb Fisher, Alison Antonowicz & Scott Masterson

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Michi Müller

incredible mograph work, great story, great style – Good job!


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