Jake Fried: Headspace

“Headspace” is a series of incredibly detailed evolving portraits created with with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee by Jake Fried.

Out of Sight

Out of Sight on Vimeo. So this is a year old, but it’s still wonderful, and I can’t believe it’s slipped through my posting schedule.… Read more

Flame, Fire and Fluid Drawing tools!

Check out these flame, fluid fire, and fluid water particles drawing tools by the talented Peter Blaškovič (Escape Motions). Warning: They are pretty addictive and… Read more

Videogioco by Milkyeyes

This one’s got a bit of the old ultra-violence, so be fore-warned. It’s all in a good bit of fun, though. No-one truly gets hurt.… Read more

Tim Lovett/Oddfew: LUNATIK

LUNATIK, Tim Lovett’s final film for his animation degree at The Queensland University of Technology in Australia, mixes an edgy soundtrack with a fiercely cross-media… Read more