“Muzorama” is a disturbingly surreal trip into the work of French illustrator Muzo

Fear(s) of the Dark Trailer

Fear(s) of the Dark trailer, brought to you by Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre Di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, and Richard McGuire. (Thanks, Fred!)

Murray John’s “Goodbye London”

For some reason I think our London-based readers would really enjoy this…Murray John’s lo-fi music video for Luke Jackson’s track “Goodbye London. Yes the technique… Read more

Zwei Sterben by Marc Ruhl

This short film directed by Marc Ruhl is a meditation on death, but it put a big smile on my face. (And I’m sure it… Read more

Zwei Sterben by Marc Ruhl

This simple and sweet meditation on Death, has, ironically, put a big smile on a my face in the middle of a humdrum working day.… Read more

The Astronomer’s Dream

Trailer of the gorgeous new short by Malcolm Sutherland. Checkout the quirky characters which include this Aztec/Mayan-looking giant robot!

Gabriel Pulecio is Lustix

Motion designer, animator, and illustrator Lustix / Gabriel Pulecio updates with a seriously sleek body of  illustrated works.

Which Art Student Are You?

Which Art Student Are You? I think I’m a heady mix of at LEAST two of these types! Enjoy! And thanks, Chuck Dillon!  (Via Drawn!)

McBess Wood [NSFW]

Superstar Illustrator McBess teamed up with Simon, their mates and the Mill to churn out this gorgeous music video for their own band, The Dead… Read more

Gifford Film for Paul Steel

Whimsical handcrafted sweetness by Gifford Film (Arvid Tappert and Jonas Löfgren), via Passion Pictures

Lemoine for Berry

Yoann Lemoine’s latest promo for Berry has some pretty moments.

Mainframe Rebrand Nickelodeon

London based Mainframe recently showed what they are capable of with an epic rebranding of Nickelodeon. Unusually for Nick, they let the design take the… Read more

Celyn for WWF

Nexus Productions’ Celyn illustrates and directs this cheery spot for the WWF


The illustration portfolio of Sydney-based OKAYBOSS is as whimsical and entertaining as the work itself