Mr. Bighead for Cheer Chen

Beautiful textures in this music video from Mr. Bighead (Keng-Ming Liu) for Taiwanese singer Cheer Chen

Fanfarlo “Harold T. Wilkins”

Stachemou gets high-level access to the Institute for the Musical Paranormal to direct Fanfarlo’s “Harold T. Wilkins”

Pnau: “Baby”

James Littlemore directs Pnau’s “Baby” (via No fat clips)

The Marmaduke Duke: Kid Gloves

Transistor Studios presents talking animals and ominous comps in this new music video for The Marmaduke Duke. Produced by Strange Beast.

David Lobser: +/- “Unsung”

Director David Lobser refashions a bit of Alice in Wonderland in this charming music video for +/-‘s “Unsung.” Kissed with subtle CG, the visuals are… Read more

Kris Moyes: Beck “Youthless”

Animator and live action director Kris Moyes never ceases to amaze me—and his latest music video for Beck’s “Youthless” is no exception. “Youthless” is pure… Read more

Oh, Hello for Above the Sea

Oh, Hello’s Dan Brown directed this seductive music video for Above the Sea’s “Handfed”

Eric Lerner “[][][][]”

Eric Lerner‘s latest short, an unofficial music video for “Gong” by Sigur Rós