Kris Moyes: Beck “Youthless”

Animator and live action director Kris Moyes never ceases to amaze me—and his latest music video for Beck’s “Youthless” is no exception. “Youthless” is pure… Read more

Oh, Hello for Above the Sea

Oh, Hello’s Dan Brown directed this seductive music video for Above the Sea’s “Handfed”

Eric Lerner “[][][][]”

Eric Lerner‘s latest short, an unofficial music video for “Gong” by Sigur Rós

Kike Maillo for Manos de Topo

Two darkly humorous music videos directed by Kike Maillo for Spanish band Manos de Topo: “Es Feo” and “El Cartero”

New Cornelius visuals: Sensurround

Hypnotic Cornelius visuals for Sensurround from Tsujikawa Kochiro, Groovisions & Takagi Masakatsu (Thanks, Mark and Jan!)

Raymond Prado

Raymond Prado draws 6000 frames for Singer-Songwriter Matthew Bryan on his track “Wasted”.

Mixtape Club for My Morning Jacket

Mixtape Club has been happily toiling away in their new home at Hornet. Last month, they released some character-based motion and print work for Nike/Foot… Read more