Brand New School relaunches

Brand New School relaunches their web presence with emphasis on a broadened service offering.

DIA relaunch

DIA relaunches and leans hard into branding work anchored by strong typography and clean design.

Ian Kim

Illustrator/design Ian Kim has refreshed his portfolio with a clutch of clean, impactful work.

Reinier Flaes: Reel

Elegant, artful reel from Reinier Flaes, who recently left Onesize after five years of service.

Nicolas Jandrain

Nicolas Jandrain (formerly of Prologue) has relaunched his web presence, and it’s brimming with elegant art direction on a variety of projects.

Mainframe relaunches

Mainframe relaunches with a shiny new site, new reel and loads of nice work.

Combustion updates

Long-time sound design and composition powerhouse Combustion updates with a new site and work.

we think things

we think things, who brought us the adorably clever Cummulus & Nimbus animations, has launched a new site and reel.

Jordan Scott

Fantastic illustration and animation work in the newly revamped portfolio of Jordan Scott.

Ram Bhat Updates

Matte painter, illustrator and art director Ram Bhat updates his portfolio. (Also, don’t miss his iPhone game, Finger-Flick Basketball.)

Josh Childers Updates

Designer/director Josh Childers updates his portfolio with beautiful boards and animation.

Make it Rad!

Make it Rad, the neat portfolio of Director Brad Tucker!

Tokyo o’Clock

Tokyo o’Clock Studio launches its very first Reel, and it’s looking good!