Buck kicking ass and taking names with their new reels

Jens Mebes

Polished work from NY freelancer Jens Mebes

Boca relaunches

Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo of Denmark’s Thank You relaunches his site

Stu Maschwitz

By now, most of you have probably heard that The Orphanage has suspended operations. (Co-founder Stu Maschwitz explains further on his blog.) This is as… Read more

Gkaster: New Reel

France’s Gkaster (Pierre Magnol) has updated his reel with more silky smooth 3D action

New Stallyons Reel for 09

Fun new reel for 2009 from the house of Stallyons. Have your VCR at the ready!

Onesize: New Reel

Dutch studio Onesize outdid themselves for their latest reel. Masterfully edited and bookended by an edgy intro/outro sequence, the sound design and music composition from… Read more

New Work + Reel from Motherland

Motherland posts a quirky new reel full of excellent illustration work. Also check out the action-packed Warriors of Time clips.

New reel from Rexbox

The new reel from Rexbox (Rex Crowle) includes his work on Little Big Planet, PSST! Pass it On and much more

PepperMelon updates

PepperMelon updates with a new reel and new work for MTV, ZUNE, VH1, MUN2 and others

New reel from Resin

Cleverly edited new reel full of diverse work from Australia’s Resin