Capacity Updates

Capacity has just updated their reel! Also, check out the process section in their site, with lots of case studies: nice stuff!

Mainframe 2010 Reel

Mainframe cuts some solid work for their Winter 2010 showreel.

2010 Buck Reels

The boys (and girls) at Buck have been busy – 2 new reels!

Umeric 2010 Reel

Umeric rounds up their best work for the studios impressive 2010 reel.

Kevin Couture

Freelance 3D generalist Kevin Couture breaks out a tight 2010 reel.

MK12: Summer Reel 2010

Shortly after ‘Telephoneme’, MK12 launches their Summer Reel 2010.


Another killer experiment in mixed media from Benjamin Ducroz: Phosphene.  Also, check out his latest reel and other recent work at

MAKE updates!

MAKE updates with new work and a nice reel.

Impactist 2010 Reel: No Context

Impactist’s latest montage is “comprised of over 50 projects taken entirely out of context.”

Peppermelon: New Reel

Peppermelon ushers in 2010 with a tasty new reel. (Thanks, Shaun!)