Goose by Dor Shamir, Shai Halfon and Oryan Medina.

Tribute to Drive

A killer tribute to the film Drive, from Paris-based duo Tom Haugomat & Bruno Mangyoko.

The Last Train

Students, staff and pros of Ireland’s Animation Hub board together on The Last Train.


Some more visual honey in the form of an animated short from the clever students at Supinfocom!

Polynoid: Loom

Yes, Polynoid‘s long-awaited short Loom is finally online. And it’s amazing! The plot is as simple as “a moth being caught in a spider’s web”,… Read more

Punga – Gluko & Lennon

You *need* to check out this 11 min pilot of awesomeness from Buenos Aires based Punga, and production company L’Orange Gutan! So full of great… Read more

The CalArts Story (1964)

The CalArts Story (1964) illustrates the original vision of the academic institution, as imagined through Walt Disney’s live-action shorts of the era.

Yes Virginia

Yes Virginia trailer for a short directed by Pete Circuitt of Bitstate. Production Diary here. And Opening Shot Development here.

Fumiko no Kokuhaku

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, this quirky independent short film is about the confession of Fumiko. It’s a simple plot but, extremely… Read more

Angel Vitamina

Angel Vitamina is an intriguing animated short/trailer (prospective feature) by Wujoco Animation out of Argentina. More stuff on the official site. (Via Drawn)

H5’s Logorama

Check out H5‘s amazing-looking Logorama, and view the trailer at Creativity (via BoingBoing).

The Missing Key

Jonathan Nix’s “The Missing Key” is looking sweet!

Christopher Hendryx: Oxygen

If my chemistry classes had been as exciting and entertaining as this short by Christopher Hendryx, I’d probably be in a different profession today. “Oxygen,”… Read more

Meet Meline Trailer

Beautiful looking short film trailer from husband and wife team, Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons.