Hayley Morris Updates

Hayley Morris updates with three new spots for Haynes and Boone, HumanaOne, and Paragard.

The Panda Rabbit

A mixture of live-action, puppetry and stop-motion has resulted in the super-cute The Panda Rabbit, by Randy D. Rosario — his debut film as a director/animator.… Read more

Mikey Please: Seven Legs

Dragonframe software updates to 3.0 with Seven Legs, a stunning new promo from Mikey Please. A welcome treat while we’re waiting for The Eagleman Stag… Read more

Johan Rijpma: Tape Generations

Johan Rijpma’s “Tape Generations,” an installation/video art project starring, you guessed it, tape. Via Antena.

Michael Langan: Heliotropes

Michael Langan’s new short film Heliotropes is fresh off the film fest circuit. Heliotropes documents the parallel goals of man and nature, through the most… Read more

Chanel: Nowness

Playful, glossy stop-motion from Chanel. (Via Things Organized Neatly)

Joy of Destruction

Xaver Xylophon & Laura Junger murder several innocent paper cutouts in this stopmo short exploring the dark side of human behavior.

Max Hattler: Jemapur’s ‘AANAATT’

Here’s an abstract stop-motion to contrast with your digital days. Max Hattler directs this analogue futurist music video for Jemapur’s AANAATT. (Thanks, Jason!)

Jen Stark: Believer

Believer: a new animation from paper sculptress Jen Stark (via Vimeo Staff Picks)

Ada Rimon and Ofeq Shemer: Bottles

Bottle music and bottle blowing fun by the Toosh team (Ada Rimon and Ofeq Shemer). Made at Bezalel Academey of Art and Design.

Max Mörtl

Max Mörtl has a really great new stop motion reel.

PES: The Deep

After posting PES’s latest work, The Deep, in mid December, recently, we were able to catch up with the artist himself. Chatting about everything from… Read more

The Frank Barton Company: Jump

The Frank Barton Company makes a splash in this CG-as-Stop-Motion piece for Vinamilk, called Jump.