Buck for Google eBooks

After much speculations and rumours, Google launches its own eBookstore today. Lots of talk about its pros and cons, as well as discussions about whether… Read more

Noah Harris: Brother

Blinkink‘s Noah Harris directed 3 fantastic spots for Brother: Business, Architect and Cafe (making of here)

Mixtape Club & Yves Geleyn: Pursue Knowing

Hornet directors, Mixtape Club and Yves Geleyn, recently collaborated on this project for St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s ‘Pursue Knowing’ campaign. The clever transitions and mixed… Read more

PC and Mac, and Avatar

Hillarious little spot from Microsoft: this time, Mac is the goofy-sounding one. Directed/produced/edited by Keith Rivers, written by Keith Rivers & Steve Stockman, stop-mo animation by Chris… Read more

Sehsucht Berlin: Google Streetview

Combining stop-motion, 2D and 3D, Sehsucht just crafted a cool animation for Google Streetview. Don’t miss the making of and breakdown at the same page,… Read more

Noah Harris + The Mill for Brother Printers

In a mix of stop-motion and post-production, UK director Noah Harris and The Mill serve up these two spots for Brother Printers: Architect and Cafe.

The PEN Story

Shot with over 60,000 photos, The PEN Story is an epic stop-motion piece utilizing no post-production.

Andy Kennedy “Accumulonimbus”

Natural and man-made objects on a spin cycle accumulate, disintegrate, and multiply in Andy Kennedy‘s short film, Accumulonimbus. The material is clay, but its movement… Read more


Upgraded by popular internal and external demand! Check out blu‘s latest short film — BIG BANG BIG BOOM: an unscientific point of view on the… Read more

AJIQ by Soulgrafix

AJIQ by Soulgrafix is a great stop-motion and animation piece that was made to inform people of the poor work conditions independent journalists have in… Read more

YMCA: Head Gear Animation

Head Gear Animation and TBWA\Vancouver created this charming spot for YMCA, titled ‘Questions’. Its important message is definitely worth pondering, especially for people like us… Read more