Cree “Hands”

Daniel Oeffinger

From the creator:

Roles: Creative Director, Design, Animation, Story Development

Studio: Buck

Got to lead this new campaign for light brand "Cree" with a veritable dream team of designers and animators. In this spot "Hands", I was lucky to work with friend Ben Hill, whose arcane knowledges of the animation world know no bounds.

Directed by

Executive Creative Director
Orion Tait

Executive Producer
Anne Skopas

Ann Seymour

Production Coordinator
Alexi Yeldezian

Creative Director
Daniel Oeffinger

Project Lead
Ben Hill

Rocio Cogno
Andreas Bjoern Hansen
Ben Hill
Daniel Oeffinger
Yeojin Shin
Ricardo Villavicencio

Additional Development
Kenesha Sneed

Andreas Bjoern Hansen
Kyle Mowat

2D Animation
Chad Colby
Ben Hill
Josh Parker
Cel Animation
Alan Foreman
Josh Parker

3D Animation
Chad Colby

Tao Ye

Lighting & Shading
Arvid Volz

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