50 years of Dior Eau Sauvage (Director’s Cut)

David & Oerd

This stylish promo for Dior’s “Eau Savage” takes us back to the early 2000s, when flat-shaded CG and negative space transitions were all the rage.


Directed by Matthieu Lelièvre (H5) and Oerd van Cuijlenborg (David&Oerd)
Designed by Mathieu Lelièvre (H5) and David Devaux (David&Oerd)

Agency: H5
Animation: Studio Wanda
Music by Patrick Coutin
Sound mix by Kouz Production

From the creator:

Réalisation Matthieu Lelièvre, co-réalisation David & Oerd​
agence H5
animation Studio Wanda
musique Patrick Coutin
mix son Kouz Production

Directed by Matthieu Lelièvre, co-directed by David & Oerd​
agency H5
animation Studio Wanda
music Patrick Coutin
sound mix Kouz Production