Art of the Title interviews

Another great interview from Art of the Title, this time with end title sequence director Jim Capobianco and animator Alexander Woo of Pixar about their… Read more

Prologue: OFFF 2009 Titles

Prologue’s Ilya Abulhanov designed and directed this title sequence for the 2009 OFFF festival in Oeiras, Portugal. Starring a mysterious cast clad in para-military gear,… Read more

Dvein: F5 Titles

Dvein has consistently blown my mind with their diverse and staggeringly awesome body of work. When they agreed to create the title sequence for F5,… Read more

yU+Co: The Watchmen Titles

NOTE: This title sequence was removed at the request of Warner Bros. I will never understand Hollywood’s approach to free publicity. Persistent souls will still… Read more

Latest from Lindsay Daniels

With a clean and neatly organized body of sophisticated work, Lindsay Daniels launches her self-titled web presence. Her work speaks for itself along with the… Read more

Capitu Titles

So, due to popular demand, I’m pleased to re-present (as a full post) the title sequence to ‘Capitu’–a TV miniseries, based on a 19th century… Read more

Novaya Zemlya Title Sequence

Art of the Title is hosting a gritty title sequence for Novaya Zemlya that’s full of 2.5D magic

BTRY : Pause NYC Main Title

The Pause NYC opening titles, created by Battery, deliver an ambient and organic design flare that ends up being high on my inspiration list for… Read more

Kineza: Film Noir

For the Visual Semiotics Workshop at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Kineza (a.k.a. Poland-based design team Margaret Stabryn and Peter Korczynski) created these moody… Read more

Imaginary Forces Wins with Mad Men

At the Creative Arts Primetime Emmys Saturday evening, Imaginary Forces’ titles for the AMC series Mad Men won the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design.… Read more

Prologue: RockNRolla Titles

Prologue Films‘ Danny Yount is back with the main titles for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film, RockNRolla. The look combines some fantastic comic book-style character illustrations… Read more