Alex Roman: TheThird&TheSeventh

Some philosophies of aesthetics enumerate seven primary art forms derived from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s “Lectures on the Aesthetics” and the writings of film theorist… Read more

Santiago Navarro

Vancouver Film School student Santiago Navarro hits the ground running with an entertaining and lushly detailed 3D modeling and texturing reel

Blur: Toshiba

Blur creates a slick serious of spots for Toshiba (thanks Daniel!)

Actionscript Microcosmos

Frank Reitberger’s Actionscript Microcosmos are fun examples of what can be done with 3D in Flash. (Via The FWA)

Amit Pitaru: Rhonda

Video of Amit Piatura’s 3D sketching software, Rhonda, is finally online. The potential for this thing is amazing. (Thanks again, Thiago!)

Student Modeling Reels

Two more solid student 3D modeling reels with interesting formats: One from Vancouver Film Schools’ Nicholas Silveira, and another from Media Design School’s Rick Xu.

Jonathan Hagan: Modeling Reel

Media Design School (Auckland) student Jonathan Hagan crafted an epic modeling reel for his final project.

Anthony Chappina

3D effects artist Anthony Chappina has some slick work on his site, along with descriptions, breakdowns and animation tests for many of his projects.

Mixtape Club: Woolworths Training Day

Hornet’s Mixtape Club put their character animation skills to work in this endearing spot for Woolworths and agency The Brooklyn Brothers London

Mesai: Alarm

I gotta be honest, the real reason I was first attracted to Mesai’s “Alarm,” was for its beautifully soft lighting and rendering. On second pass,… Read more

BIF/The Mill: Ford Pop-up

Directing trio BIF creates this Ford pop-up spot for The Mill… proving that animations based around pop-ups can still be pushed after all this time.

The Unseen Journey

Parson’s student Jason Magic Tseng takes us on a journey into the mind of a bi-polar patient

Abel Kohen: Haiku

More Supinfocom insanity, this time from Abel Kohen (marginally NSFW)

Eleven Roses

E1even Roses, a short film of unrequited love. Credits and more details.