Anders Sundqvist

Dense, whimsical 3D work from Anders Sundqvist

Punga for FOX Crime

Argentina based Punga puts out 4 wicked spots for FOX Crime.

Tyson Ibele: 2009 Reel

Tyson Ibele releases his 2009 reel with some awesome CG animation and vfx. (Thanks Damien!)

Assassin’s Creed II

Awesome cinematic trailer for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II

Oktobor: Tiger Beer

To christen their new site, Auckland-based Oktobor has released three gorgeous spots for Tiger Beer and agency Saatchi and Saatchi Worldwide. The spots star the… Read more

Jordan Harvey

“Magic Theater” is a tale about the persistence of dreaming. Written and directed by 09 SVA Grad, Jordan Harvey, it’s charming, yet filled with melancholic undertones… Read more

Nico Casavecchia: La Mancha

boolab’s Nico Casavecchia directs this elegant spot for a winery in the Castilla La Mancha region of Spain (where Don Quixote hung out)

Christopher Hendryx: Oxygen

If my chemistry classes had been as exciting and entertaining as this short by Christopher Hendryx, I’d probably be in a different profession today. “Oxygen,”… Read more

David Lewandowski

David Lewandowski’s new reel… hot open!

Radium for Pepsi

Radium goes 1974 for Pepsi “Throwback”

Psyop Delivers for UPS

Weeks ago, we quickied “Gladiator,” the first of an ongoing campaign for UPS, due to the staggered release dates of the remaining spots. While additional… Read more

beeple: subprime

beeple (Mike Winkelman) created “subprime” as a visual response to Americans’ tendency towards over-consumption, but instead of making his argument with charts and graphs, he… Read more

National’s home run

The over-energized, cheesified sports promo is no more. National Television takes America back to it’s roots with a soulfully styled world and tale of game nostalgia in… Read more