Sprint Now Network: Anthem

I love it when everything falls into place, when the hot potato is passed elegantly from hand to hand along the creative chain. When it… Read more

Mathieu Gerard: Steel Life

For his master thesis at Arts et Technologies de l’Image, Mathieu Gérard created “Steel Life,” a breathtaking tapestry of textures and light that evokes themes… Read more

Meet Meline Trailer

Beautiful looking short film trailer from husband and wife team, Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons.

Lobo: Amnesty International

Leo Burnett Lisbon and one of my favorite Brazilian studios, Lobo, have teamed up to create this arresting spot for Amnesty International. Based on the… Read more

lilit Hayrapetyan

Beautiful 3D work from lilit Hayrapetyan of Triada Studio

Be Amazing!

Destroy civilization with nanotechnology in six amazing steps

Parasol Island: IKEA PS

Here’s a nice one-two punch for IKEA PS and agency Nordpol. First, the jab to your occipital lobe from Parasol Island. This ethereal journey through… Read more

Nathan Rocks

“Rocky” is the second of the two spot Chips Ahoy campaign by Nathan Love. If you missed “Oz”, check it. Unlike “Oz”, Rocky is character heavy, which is… Read more

Blirp Says Hi!

Fantastic character work in a fun package over at Argentinian studio Blirp

National : ABC Wipeout Bowl

National for ABC’s Wipeout Bowl, perfect 3D as usual from them. Thanks for the tip David!

Gkaster: New Reel

France’s Gkaster (Pierre Magnol) has updated his reel with more silky smooth 3D action

Dade Orgeron updates

Incredibly slick and polished work in the refresh of Dade Orgeron’s site