Pep Rally is born

PepRally has quietly launched. The studio is part of a growing trend of director/designer/animators creating new opportunities for work that fall outside the normal scope of freelance.… Read more

Motion Conference 2014

Motion Conference is coming up August 15-17. The lineup includes Mark Coleran, Brian Bowman, Vinicius Naldi and nice cross section of others.


Brad Tucker & Darren Jaffe have just teamed up as Flavor (Los Angeles) and this is their reel!

Roof launches in NYC

Founders Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni and Crystal Campbell have launched Roof, a new studio in NYC.

Alma Mater

Imaginary Forces alums Brian Mah, James Anderson and Kathy Kelehan have opened Alma Mater.

VFX Townhall Recap and Links

Lee Stranahan’s Monday night VFX Townhall: The State of The Industry was a big success. Not in providing a solution, but in starting a discussion,… Read more