Céline Desrumaux: Countdown

Countdown is a short movie/music video based on the music of Apparat. Directed, designed, animated and composed by Céline Desrumaux. Editor’s note: Countdown was originally… Read more

Take Your Medicine

Nader Husseini of Radium/Reel FX directs Transfer’s “Take Your Medicine” music video.

Bell: Chase No Face

More Kinect/FaceTracker code experiments in the Chase No Face music video for Bell. Visuals by Zach Lieberman, Francisco Zamorano, Andy Wallace and Michelle Calabro.

Dark Matters: Daemon

Anthony McCall meets Kijek/Adamski in this awesome analog music video for Kenton Slash Demon’s Deamon by Dark Matters (found at Yes Yes Y’all)
David Lynch I Know


Fan-made music promo for David Lynch’s ‘I Know’, created by Shellbooknational; three young London-based directors; Chris Lee, Sam Pilling, and Paul Storrie

Luv Deluxe

24-year-old director Saman Keshavarz has had a lot of success with first times. After scoring big time (YDA, Clio, Emmy) for his apparently first commercial… Read more

Impactist – Last Heist EP

Impactist – Last Heist EP is a new album from the Portland duo. They created four uniquely genuine short animations for each of the tracks,… Read more